Eeyou Istchee Tourism

Summer of 2007 marked a major achievement for tourism development in Eeyou Istchee as the provincial government granted COTA formal recognition and funding as a Regional Tourism Association (RTA). Because the RTA’s roles and responsibilities are significantly different from those of COTA, a decision was made to form a separate organization called Eeyou Istchee Tourism (EIT), to carry out the mandate of the RTA.

What does EIT do?
As defined in the formal agreement between EIT and the Government of Quebec, the RTA’s role focuses on marketing the region and tourism operators, supporting the development of the tourism offering in the region, improving the availability of tourism information, and coordinating with other RTAs to help shape the province’s tourism policy.

EIT Objectives

To position and promote Eeyou Istchee as a premier destination for aboriginal tourism, outdoor adventure tourism and outfitting

To support the coordinated development of market-ready tourism and the upgrading of existing products to, in turn, support the overall growth of the tourism industry and economic development in the region

To improve the regional tourism infrastructure through improved access to tourism information

To develop a sustainable tourism industry that will have a positive impact on the region’s cultural life, youth and elders