COTA Board of Directors and Staff

205 Opemiska Meskino, P.O Box 1167
Oujé-Bougoumou, QC GOW 3C0

Phone: 418.745.2220 Fax: 418.745.2240
Toll free: 1.888.268.COTA (2682)

The primary role of the COTA Board of Directors is to guide the activities of the association and make decisions that help further the development of the tourism industry in Eeyou Istchee in accordance with the needs and objectives of our members.

The COTA Board is comprised of twelve members who serve a 3-year term. One board member is appointed by the Cree Nation Government, nine are elected by the COTA membership and two are appointed by the elders council. The community of Washaw Sibi is represented with a member who has observer status.

COTA policy stipulates that there must be at least one member from each of the nine Cree communities of Eeyou Istchee. Each member must be a Cree Beneficiary and closely affiliated with his or her community.

Photo credit: Theresa Macleod Loon

  • Mr. Anderson Jolly

    Mr. Anderson Jolly

    President – Nemaska Representative

    9 Bear Trail

    Nemaska, Quebec J0Y 3B0

    tel: 819.860.8872

    fax: 819.673.2542

  • Mr. Edward Bearskin

    Mr. Edward Bearskin

    Vice-President – Chisasibi Representative

    Chisasibi, Qc J0M 1W0

    tel: 819-855-2878 ext.502

    cell: 873-365-0312

  • Ms. Irene Otter

    Ms. Irene Otter – Executive Committee

    Waswanipi Representative

    18 Poplar Street

    Waswanipi, Quebec J0Y 3C0

    tel: 819-753-2587

    fax: 819-753-2550

  • Mr. Ron Simard

    Mr. Ron Simard

    Ouje-Bougoumou Representative

    203 Opemiska Meskino

    Ouje-Bougoumou, Quebec G0W 3C0

    tel: 418.745.3911

    cell: 418.770.1242

    fax: 418.745.3426

  • Mr. Gilbert Baribeau

    Mr. Gilbert Baribeau

    Mistissini Representative

    Mistissini, Quebec J0Y 3C0

    tel: 418.923.2333

  • Ms. Stacy Bear

    Ms. Stacy Bear

    Waskaganish Representative

    70 Waskaganish Road

    Waskaganish, Qc J0M 1R0

    tel: 819.895.8650

    fax: 819.895.8901

  • Mr. Stanley Shashaweskum

    Mr. Stanley Shashaweskum

    Wemindji Representative

    Wemindji, Quebec J0M 1L0

  • Mr. Elvis Weapenicappo

    Mr. Elvis Weapenicappo

    Eastmain Representative

    Eastmain, Qc J0M 1W0

    tel: 819-977-0355

    fax: 819-977-0356

  • Mr. Isaac Masty

    Mr. Isaac Masty

    Whapmagoostui Representative

    P.O. Box 149

    Whapmagoostui, Québec J0M 1G0

    tel: 819.929.3364

    fax: 819.929.3435

  • Mr. Alexander Moses

    Mr. Alexander Moses

    CNG Representative

    277 Duke Street

    Mistissini, Québec G0W 1C0

    tel: 514.861.5837

    fax: 514.861.0760

  • Elders Johnny & Louise B. Saganash

    Elders Johnny & Louise B. Saganash

    Elders Committee Representatives

  • Mr. Timothy Wapachee

    Mr. Timothy Wapachee

    Financial Controller/Corporate Secretary

    205, Opemiska Meskino, P.0. Box 1167

    Oujé-Bougoumou, Québec G0W 3C0

    tel: 418.745.2220 ext: 4229

    fax: 418.745.2240


Robin McGinley, Executive Director – (418) 745-2220 ext. 4222
Timothy Wapachee, Financial Controller/Corporate Secretary – (418) 745-2220 ext.4229
Julie Simard, Assistant Director – (418) 745-2220 ext. 4225
Felicity Blacksmith, Executive Secretary – (418) 745-2220 ext. 4221
Rob Imrie, Director of Development – (418) 745 2220 ext. 4230
Stéphanie Bourgault, Coordinator, Marketing and Promotion for EIT – 418-748-8140 ext. 227
Philippe Bilodeau, Product Development Officer – 418-745-2220 ext. 4230
Victoria Crowe, Marketing Agent – (418) 745-2220 ext. 4227
Élisabeth Bonneau, Marketing and Digital Content Project Manager – 418-748-8140