EIT Staff

Robin McGinley, Executive Director Ext.4222
Timothy Wapachee, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper Ext.4229
Julie Simard, Assistant Director Ext. 4225
Felicity Blacksmith, Executive Secretary Ext. 4221
Rob Imrie, Director of Development Ext.4230
Angel Mianscum, Digital Animator Ext.4224
Stephanie Bourgault, Coordinator, Marketing and Promotion for EIT & TBJ 418.748.8140 Ext.227
Victoria Crowe, Marketing Assistant Ext.4227
Joanik Linteau, Tourism Information Network Coordinator 418.748.8140 Ext.226

205 Opemiska Meskino
P.O Box 1167
Oujé-Bougoumou, QC

Phone: 418.745.2220
Fax: 418.745.2240
Toll free: 1.888.268.2682 (COTA)
Email: info@creetourism.ca