EIT board of directors and staff

205 Opemiska Meskino
P.O Box 1167
Oujé-Bougoumou, QC

Phone: 418.745.2220
Fax: 418.745.2240
Toll free: 1.888.268.2682 (COTA)
Email: info@creetourism.ca

  • Mr. Edward Bearskin

    Mr. Edward Bearskin

    President – Chisasibi Representative

    Chisasibi, Quebec G0W 1C0

    tel: 819.855.

    fax: 819.855

  • Ms. Irene Otter

    Ms. Irene Otter

    Vice-President – Waswanipi Representative

    Waswanipi, Qc J0M 1W0

    tel: 819.753.

    fax: 819.753.

  • Member

    Mr. Stanley Shashaweshum

    Representative of Wemindji

    Wemindji, Quebec G0W 3C0

    tel: 819.

    fax: 819.


Robin McGinley, Executive Director Ext. 4222
Timothy Wapachee, Financial Controller/Corporate Secretary Ext. 4229
Julie Simard, Assistant Director Ext. 4225
Angel Mianscum, Digital Animator Ext. 4224
Stephanie Bourgeault, Director, Marketing and Promotion for EIT & TBJ 418.748.8140
Victoria Crowe, Marketing Agent Ext. 4227
Joanik Linteau, Project Manager, Reception and Marketing 418.748.8140
Rob Imrie, Director of Development Ext. 4230
Debbie Petawabano, Special Projects Officer Ext. 4231