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Government of Québec to Invest $3,381,781 in Tourism in Eeyou Istchee Supporting the Recovery of Cree Tourism

Jun 29, 2022

Oujé-Bougoumou, Québec, June 29, 2022 – On May 6 of this year, as part of the Ministère du Tourisme plan to revive the regional tourism industry in Québec, it was announced that an additional $92 million would be invested in the Québec’s 21 tourism regions.

For Eeyou Istchee Tourism and the Cree tourism industry, an additional funding of $3,381,781 will significantly help the regional tourism industry recover from the effects of the pandemic and foster continued sustainable development in Eeyou Istchee.
For more details on this investment, please read the Ministère du Tourisme news release here.

Eeyou Istchee Tourism (EIT) welcomes the four-year investment of $2,494,781 to fulfil the mandates as assigned by the Ministère du Tourisme, such as marketing and promotion, tourism information and signage, and industry development to name a few. With Cree tourism now in full recovery mode, the much-needed additional financial support of $887,000 over 3 years for the renewal of the Regional Tourism Partnership and Digital Transformation Agreement (EPRTNT) comes at an opportune time for our industry as it will help our Cree businesses adapt and grow.

“This supplementary investment is the financial boost we need to help us recover from the pandemic. The tourism industry in Eeyou Istchee can now continue to have positive social and economic impacts for our people,” stated EIT President, Mr. Titus Shecapio.
“With their expert knowledge of their areas, the regional tourism associations are valuable partners in developing Québec’s tourism offering. This significant funding provided by the government to Eeyou Istchee Tourism will provide the predictability and margin it needs to continue to support Cree tourism companies’ aspirations as international tourism reopens,” explained Caroline Proulx, minister of Tourism and Minister responsible for the Lanaudière and Bas-Saint-Laurent regions.

The time has come for the tourism industry in Eeyou Istchee to thrive – which is now even more possible with the additional Québec government investment in our region.

Created in 2007, Eeyou Istchee Tourism (EIT) is the Regional Tourism Association (RTA) as defined by the Québec government. EIT markets and develops tourism in the Eeyou Istchee region by helping tourism business operators, providing tourism information, and working collaboratively with other RTAs to shape Quebec’s tourism policy.

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