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A visit to Eeyou Istchee offers an amazing opportunity to experience our rich and diverse culture while enjoying a unique Northern adventure.
We have lived on this land and maintained a distinct Eeyouch culture since time immemorial. Discover more about our history, traditions and way of life.

Welcome to Eeyou Istchee Tourism

On behalf of the nine Cree Nations of Eeyou Istchee, welcome to the Eeyou Istchee Tourism Website. As you begin your virtual journey into our magnificent northern wilderness you will quickly discover that no matter what your interest, in Eeyou Istchee there is so much to see, so much to do and so much to learn.

Covering more than 350,00 square kilometres in the province of Quebec, Eeyou Istchee stands apart from other travel destinations thanks to its beauty, varied land and waterscapes, and broad range of year-round activities. Eeyou Istchee is boreal forests, rugged coasts, crystal clear freshwater lakes, tundra, taiga, vast wilderness, and magical Northern Lights - which all come together for an unparalleled travel and vacation experience.

To find out more about Cree culture, traditions and history visit Discover Eeyou Istchee



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