RTPA - Funding Program in Tourism

Regional Tourism Partnership Agreement

The RTPA program is a 3-year program 2020-2022. Grants are available for promoters who wish to develop new products / services or expand their operations or infrastructures.

The projects submitted must:
– be tourism-related (could be linked to a cultural project or attraction)
– aim at developing quality and sustainable tourism products
– be structuring for the region
– contribute to the development of a unique, complementary and  sustainable tourism offer
– stimulate regional economies by creating employment, increasing the number of visitors and growing the tourism revenues.

  • The financial assistance under the RTPA constitutes a grant and, as such, it is a non-refundable contribution.
  • For each project, the beneficiary must invest a minimum of 10% of the total project cost.

Please note:
Promoters are encouraged to seek funding from other funding sources to complete the financing of their project. Be aware that RTPA funds are limited.

  1. All expenses incurred before the application is received by EIT are not considered eligible expenses and will not be reimbursed if grant is approved. See Promoter’s guide, p. 9, for details.

Cree communities, businesses and entities.

– tourist attractions, activities, equipment;
– accommodation;
– festivals and events;
– studies and consulting services;
– projects that help structure our regional tourism offer

Component 1: Financial Assistance for the adaptations to the sanitary measures

    • This component is specific to the adaptations for the COVID-19
    • The eligible expenses are retroactive as April 1st, 2020
    • Submission on an on-going basis
    • This component ends on March 31st, 2022
    • Subject to availability of funds
RTPA Promoter'S Guide 2020-2022_Component 1

Downloadable: RTPA-Promoter’s Guide-2020-2022_Component-1

RTPA_Application Form_Component 1

Component 3: Financial Assistance for Tourism development Projects

    • This component is to support the tourism development
    • The submission of projects can be done on an on-going basis, but there is a schedule for the Management committee that will table the projects
    • This call of projects will close on October 31st, 2021
    • Subject to availability of funds
RTPA Promoter's Guide 2020-2022_Component 3

Downloadable: RTPA’s Promoters-Guide-2020-2022_Component-3

RTPA_Application Form_Component 3

For more information or assistance, please contact our Product Development Officer:

Louise Séguin, Product Development Officer
Eeyou Istchee Tourism
Office: 1 888 268-2682 or (418) 745-2220, Ext. 4230
Cell: 418 929-5949

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