Training Opportunities

We understand that one of the greatest challenges that you face as an outfitting or tourism operation is finding qualified personnel.

That is why we are working to grow the tourism workforce in Eeyou Istchee Baie-James by encouraging the youths in our communities to pursue study and training opportunities in this sector. After all, the future of tourism industry rests with our youths.

Contact us for details on tourism-related education and training opportunities – and be sure to pass this information on to young men and women in your community.

Canoe Training

Training will be given in:
Ouje-Bougoumou TBD – calm water
Wemindji TBD – swiftwater

Please contact Audrey Perreault to register! Only 75$/person
*Subject to CHRD funding approval

email: or tel: 418 748-8140, ext. 232


One-day workshop.  Participants learn about the hospitality business and the importance of the host, guest and place relationship.  It is designed to upgrade service excellence skills and inform people about Aboriginal tourism products and services especially in the area of cultural tourism.

FirstHost is an 8-hour workshop consisting of four learning circles:

  • Learning Circle 1 asks Circle Members what business they are in and defines that business as hospitality.  It looks at the three components of hospitality:  the host, guest and  place
  • Learning Circle 2 looks at the role of the host and the concept of flawless service.  It also goes over the skills of greeting the guest and giving service on the telephone.  Circle Members will explore their service values.
  • Learning Circles 3 looks at the role of the guest and gives a list of guest ethics.  Also covered is how to handle guest concerns.
  • Learning Circles 4 covers First Nation’s role in the tourism industry, FirstHost resources and looks at cultural tourism.  It also covers how you can incorporate your culture and values into your tourism business.